Ten Reasons Coupon Traffic’s
Coupon Advertising Works Best with
“The Great American Grocery Giveaway”


1. Most Families in America go to the Grocery Store 3 to 4 times per week. Everyone eats!

2. Your Grocer spends thousands of dollars per month to bring customers into their store.

3. Most of their customers could be your customers and are usually within a 7-mile radius.

4. Your Grocer is handing your ad directly to your customer every day, every week, all year long.

5. The “Great American Grocery Giveaway” – Free Groceries to 4 contest winners every month.

6. The Drawing Slip for the Free Groceries is on the back of the receipt– along with your coupon.

7. Drawing Event, the first Wednesday of every month – Your store is spotlighted at the event.

8. The Company Spotlight Monitor, hangs in the foyer for a full year, spotlighting your company.

9. You can “Track Your Coupons”, their effectiveness, and ROI. Increase Your Sales 14 to 22%.

10. Radio Advertising – for the Great American Grocery Giveaway and all Coupon Advertisers.

How would you like to increase your sales revenue by 14% to 22%?

“The Great American Grocery Giveaway”  helps increase sales for all our coupon advertisers. Claim your coupon advertising space soon, space is limited!


Radio Station


Generated an additional $5,000 in revenue.



Grocery Store


Saw a sales increase of 22% during the Great American Grocery Giveaway contest period.



Grocery Store


Facebook Likes increased by 600 over a 2 month period.

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