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Headquartered in Grand Rapids Michigan Coupon Traffic helps businesses advertise their products and services with unique, simple to implement, and proven advertising strategies. To learn more about how you can grow your business and increase your sales revenue from *14 to 22% contact us today. No Matter What Your Business is… Our Business is YOU!

(*case studies show 14 to 22% increase in sales revenue) 

40,000 Impressions Every Month

Reach your customers over 40,000 times
a month through our program. That equals
out to 480,000 impressions a year to your
local customers.

14% to 22% Sales Increase

Through targeted and strategic coupon messaging, businesses have seen an increase of 14% to 22% in sales throughout the year.

5x to 25x Minimum Return

Increase brand awareness and consumer loyalty through consistent messaging and presence with the receipt program.

5×7 In-Store Display

We prominently display your business at each checkout lane and at the storefront to help drive your message to customers.

Coupon-Traffic Program Highlights

As a business owner you know that your sales go up and down. Some months are hotter than others depending upon the time of year and holiday season. Coupon Traffic is committed to help you minimize the down time and increase your up time. Our case studies show a sales revenue increase of 14 to 22% for all of our coupon advertisers throughout the year. In slow times you will see the benefit of Branding with Coupon Traffic.

Market Domination

We only allow 2 businesses of the same category to advertise at any one grocery store, which means availability can be limited. When a spot opens up act quickly or it could go to your competition. Take advantage of the chance to Dominate Your Market with Grocery Receipt Advertising that you can track. And it costs less than 1 cent per exposure. (0.06)

The Great American Grocery Giveaway

We give away $250 in Free Groceries, to three people, each and every month at every grocery location. The drawing slip is on the back of the grocery receipts which causes the customer to turn over the receipt and see your ad. Your grocer is handing your ad to your customer every day, every week, every month all year long. You are building your brand with Repetition & Frequency!

An Annual Program

The Coupon Traffic Annual Program is designed to ramp up over the course of 12 months. Why? Because you never know when your ideal customer will need their clothes dry cleaned or that special hair treatment. Our program repeatedly delivers your ad all year round. When your prospects are ready, your coupon offer will be handy and easy to use.

Company Spotlight

The Company Spotlight is a 36″ x 27″ picture frame that is hanging in the foyer of the grocery store for all to see as they enter. There are 16 – 5×7 pictures, one of each business that advertises on the back of the grocery receipt. The Company Spotlight will hang in the foyer of the grocery store for a full year. Talk about branding. Everyone who enters the store can see your Company Spotlight.

Radio Advertising

We are contracting with the local radio stations in your area to advertise “The Great American Grocery Store Giveaway” and the incredible opportunity for businesses to get their business ad seen over 40,000 times per month 480,000 times per year for less than 1 cent per ad exposure. Throughout the year we include special events and promotions to increase your business’ exposure.

The Day of The Drawing

The first Wednesday of each and every month we draw the names of three people who have won Free Groceries. The excitement level is incredible. Included in the event… Your company has an opportunity to provide an additional product for the Day of the Drawing. Each winner is listed on the Drawing Board at the front of the store with the items won spotlighting your company once again. BRANDING!!!

Subject Matter Experts

Position Yourself to Win… with Offers That Win! We have Subject Matter Experts with years of experience to help you formulate ads that will attract Your Best Customers. When the coupon comes back to you… you can track the effectiveness of your offer. Put together a strong offer and you will see the results you are looking for.

Grocery Store Advertising Budget

Supermarkets Spend Millions of Dollars on Television, Newspaper, Radio, Direct Mail & Flyers. In order to draw local customers into their stores. Your Grocer has brought your local customer into one location. Why not piggyback off of their big advertising budget. It’s a win – win because most of their local customers are your local customers.
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